Data is the New King

Data is everywhere.

To make it useful for programmatic media buyers - it needs be actionable within less than a second.

Brands want to drive ROI on their media spend and boost engagement. To get that kind of performance – you need unique data. The kind of proprietary data that gives you the edge over other exchange bidders and can help you both to target audiences as well as to optimize your ad creative selection.

AuDigent’s platform does both. We use first-party data to help your buy side tools make intelligent audience targeting decisions ensuring you are buying the right impressions - at the right time. Best of all - influencers, artists, and entertainers win too.

Data is the new king.

Audience Bank technology
Helps Everyone!

AuDigent is an audience measurement platform that provides brands with actionable data that optimizes the targeting of online, mobile, digital TV, and social ads while improving audience monetization for influencers. This is made possible by our proprietary audience bank technology. We bank audience data so that you can reach your unique digital audiences wherever, whenever.

for Brands & Agencies

We help brands and advertisers tap into first- and third-party data that better targets online, mobile & social audiences. Read more...

for Artists & Influencers

AuDigent allows influencers to monetize their audience data and create new revenue streams... Read more...

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