Data is the New King.
Audience is a Valuable Asset.

AuDigent is an audience and data platform built around the music, entertainment, sports, and pop culture verticals with exclusive audience data segments from major record labels, influencers, and some of the largest content publishers.

Our audiences encompass a massive amount of first and second party data across the open web, mobile, and social channels. We bank the most engaged users, and their behaviour, from major websites, social posts, and the hottest content across devices and platforms including desktop and mobile apps, YouTube channels, and Facebook.


There’s a lot of audience data swirling around these days. Most of it is commoditized, full of bots, duplicates, and autoloads, and siloed by the platform that controls it. AuDigent only collects first party data, verifies the traffic and purges any fraudulent activity. Beyond that, we only ingest second party data from premium verified partners like Google. In this way, we ensure every ID we bank is actionable for brands and media agencies.

Activate your influencer partnerships, product placements, and endorsements to DRIVE media performance with Deep AUDIENCE TARGETING

You spend over $30 billion on your media. A significant portion of that goes to campaigns featuring the name, likeness and content of athletes, artists, celebrities and other influencers. Let us help you drive ROI on advertising campaigns by targeting your creative to the right audiences across online, mobile, social and OTT platforms.

Discover the influencer audiences that best fit your brand and directly connect with them using our 1st party data. Let AuDigent help you boost the performance of your ad campaigns by helping your brand identify and buy the right audiences and unlock the power of influencers and their fans.


To drive revenue, audience data must be premium and it must be formatted to conform with the complex infrastructure of the $33 billion programmatic advertising business. AuDigent has the proven ability to activate its own audiences and deliver audience segments to global partners through a myriad of relationships, such as The Trade Desk, DBM, AppNexus, Facebook, Oracle DataCloud, Liveramp, Lotame, and others.

  • Managed Service

    Our internal trading teams strategize and build the best campaigns, consisting of Comscore Top 300+ publishers, while layering on custom audience segments that match your KPIs, targeting and demographics. Feel free to add third party data, as we can work together to maximize audience targeting and reach.

  • Unlimited Data Access

    Receive unfettered access to our dashboard and audiences. Explore artists, athletes, celebrities, and deeply segmented audiences relating to Pop Culture, Top Films, Top TV Shows, Professional Sports, and many more to be used for any and ALL of your campaigns. Best of all, use the DSPs, trading desks and inventory of your choice.

  • Data Only

    We are not a passive DMP. We will work with you to proactively create custom audience segments that align perfectly with your target audiences to drive performance across your campaigns and deliver them to the DSPs and trading desks of your choice.

Platform Partners

DoubleClick Bid Manager
The Trade Desk
DoubleClick Ad Exchange
Google Analytics 360
Oracle DataCloud

Discover Influencers That Best Match Your Target Audience

Partner With and Engage Influencers To Help Drive Media Performance

Activate Your Media Spend By Targeting Influencer Audiences With First Party Data

Drive Value and ROI By Using Our Deep Audience Segmentation

Dynamically Optimize Creative to Match Audience Interest

Look-a-Like Targeting Yields Look-a-Like Performance.
Let AuDigent’s First Party Audience Data Drive Performance.

We collect an unrivaled amount of near real-time data on influencer audiences...

Over 24,000 Proprietary Audience Segments
Over 500 Million Fingerprinted Audience Profiles
Over 3 billion Total Banked Audience
Over 3,500 Integrated YouTube Channels
Over 13,500 Active Social Links


You have big reach, broad distribution and incredibly valuable content.

So why is it becoming increasingly hard to monetize your inventory?


Inventory-based media buying is dying (if not already dead) and traditional DMPs are not providing solutions. Data and audience-driven strategies now dominate both programmatic and traditional buying. To improve ad revenue, publishers must activate deep audience data segmentation and proactively deliver it to DSPs, trading desks and media buyers.

Let AuDigent help you build and bank massive, actionable audience data segments from all your traffic sources (mobile, social, OTT, on-platform, etc.) and drive revenue.


AuDigent’s proprietary platform and data supercharges brand and publisher audience data, creating unique products for the programmatic marketplace that perform vastly better than the competition and industry benchmarks. But it won’t sell itself. Unlike passive data brokers, our sales team proactively markets your data to media agencies and brands. Unlike DMPs, we don't just throw your data out there to be commoditized, but rather intelligently package your data and insights to deliver valuable custom segments that outperform competition.


The AuDigent platform is tied together by a best-in-class, proprietary dashboard that enables partners and clients to keep close tabs on their audience banks while getting real-time data on the demographic, contextual, behavioral, affinity, and in-market information about their fans. This tool allows marketers to see which audiences over-index for particular brands and verticals, and can even produce available impression inventory to fill media buying requests.

Our partners use the dashboard’s insights to inform their own sales teams and arms them with critical, real-time data that marketers now expect when evaluating endorsement, likeness, and other advertising deals.


Your data and audiences don't have to be trapped behind walled gardens any longer. AuDigent can help you scale those walls and liberate your data to create a true cross-device, cross-platform bank of your entire global audience that only you can monetize. Best of all, our data is portable, so you can break down those silos and help brands connect on the inventory of their choosing.

Your Audience Is Your Gold.
We Are Your Fort Knox.

Your audience is one of your most valuable and most monetizable assets. But monetizing your audience, your social reach and influence, and fan engagement requires tools and technology currently not available to you.

AuDigent's mission is to change that and to help you to plug your audiences into the places and advertising technology platforms that can drive new revenue streams. And best of all, you already have everything you need to make it happen . . . and you own it too.

It’s your audience data. And unlocking its incredible potential in a way that drives meaningful value for brands and advertisers is a win-win for everyone. Let us help you plug into a new world and open up new possibilities to create value for all of your hard work and passion.

Monetize Your Audience and Your Influence

Build & Bank Your Audiences At Scale

Protect Your Audiences As Valuable Assets

Understand & Drive Audience Value

Prevent 3rd Parties From Stealing Your Audiences & Commoditizing Your Value

Connect With The Right Brands

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