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Our Mission
Audigent powers virtuous connection and commerce through clean, intelligent data.
Drew Stein
CEO & Co-Founder
Brian Brater
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
Greg Williams
Matthew Griffiths
Chief Technology Officer
Gina Cavallo
Chief Revenue Officer
Dave Arnold
Chief Creative Officer
Jake Abraham
Chief Commercial Officer
Shelton Mercer
Shane Wheel
Chris Meredith
General Manager, Supply-Side Partnerships
David Rosner
Ted Smith
Head of Enterprise Sales
Brendan Sullivan
VP, Sales Marketing
Wayne Giampino
Head of Performance Strategy & Digital Activation
Efua Gilzene
VP, Project Management
Reginald Kersaint
EVP, Finance
Doug Kaplan
VP, Sales
Jason Ienner
SVP, Artists & Labels
Subhi Othman
Director, Supply Trading
Nathaniel Stich
Director, Marketing
Allyson Kirkpatrick
VP of Sales
Rachel Cutsumpas
Senior Strategist
David Taijpaul
Marketing Manager
Reach real people, make real connections, and drive real brand conversations.
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