Introducing the SmartPMP™

As a "2.0 DMP", Audigent goes beyond basic DSP integrations and has partnered with premium SSP platforms to deliver its audience data and top-shelf inventory in an exciting new way.

SmartPMPs™ are a first-to-market, breakthrough data + inventory product transforming the way that advertisers buy programmatic inventory and data. In combining premium publisher inventory and Audigent's exclusive first-party data, digital media buyers can now customize and package some of the best inventory and data available from some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. Easy to include in a campaign as a single deal ID, SmartPMPs™ enable the accurate projection of audience scale and direct optimizations, streamlining a process that has often been cumbersome and inefficient and will now provide buyers with more fairly priced PMP alternatives.

Best of all, it helps planners and programmatic traders who are overwhelmed by infinite choices around data and inventory take the guesswork out of their options, and simply focus on campaign success.

The Benefits of SmartPMPs™

At its core, a SmartPMP™ is the intelligent marriage of premium first party data sets and premium inventory pre-packaged together as a single, easy-to-buy deal ID.

Making buyers’ lives easier while driving performance.

Easy to Use

1. Easy to Use

SmartPMPs™ are intelligently pre-packaged by design, ready-to-go and can easily be dropped into campaign line items to streamline cumbersome campaign set-ups.

Easy to Use

2. Easy to Optimize

With SmartPMPs™, optimizations start from the supply side and take effect way before your trader starts pulling manual reports – helping to both turn off and shift underperforming audiences and inventory to ensure that spend gets allocated to the best performing places faster.

Easy to Use

3. Better Pricing

Using SmartPMPs™ allows buyers to more intelligently drive value by buying the specific, premium audiences they want against highly desirable Inventory.

Easy to Use

4. Predictable Scale

Knowing your scale before the campaign turns on ensures that there are no surprises down the road and allows buyers to launch their campaigns while focusing more on optimization vs. basic delivery.

Easy to Use

5. Customizability

SmartPMPs™ allow media planners and buyers to create and buy against unique, customizable segments on premium specified publisher inventory in combinations that otherwise would not have been available to them.

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