Audigent Partners with Comscore to Launch New CognitivePMP™

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Audigent, the leading data activation, curation and identity platform is announcing the release of CognitivePMPs™, a privacy-centric, cookieless data and inventory product that will transform the way that advertisers curate and buy programmatic inventory. Comscore, a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating across platform, will be the first partner for this privacy-safe, next generation PMP product utilizing their industry leading Predictive Audiences segments.

This industry first will give advertisers access to Comscore’s unique Predictive Audience segments across Audigent’s Curated Marketplaces, driving campaign performance and extending the value of many of Comscore’s most sought-after Predictive Audiences including: 

  • Segment Types: Automotive purchase data, merchant and category purchase behaviors, political behaviors, streaming and gaming habits, demographics, TV viewership, location data, financial data, decision maker and employment data, interests and more.

  • Top Verticals: Automotive, Retail, Gaming, B2B, Banking, Insurance, Media and Entertainment, CPG, QSR, Sports/Gambling, etc.

Comscore’s Predictive Audiences enable brands to programmatically reach highly sought-after audiences, based on media consumption and in-market shopping behaviors, in a cookieless manner across desktop, mobile and CTV. Through its patent-pending Predictive Audiences capability, Comscore creates a crosswalk between deterministic audience behaviors and contextual signals, resulting in a GDPR friendly targeting solution that delivers on campaign KPIs at scale. For Comscore, the expanded application of Predictive Audiences marks the latest enhancement to Comscore’s cookie-free solutions within the Comscore Activation suite, which helps advertisers reach specific demographics and behavioral audiences in brand-safe, relevant contexts across desktop, mobile, and Connected TV.

Powering some of the industry’s most sought-after Curated Marketplaces, Audigent’s suite of SmartPMPs™ (audience data), ContextualPMPs™ (contextual data), and CognitivePMPs™ (cognitive data) are first-to-market data and inventory products, transforming how advertisers action and optimize data through the supply chain.  Audigent’s latest addition - CognitivePMPs™ - are powered by Audigent’s powerful cognitive identity data sets which analyze first party audiences across a network of over 500,000 websites, mobile sites and apps to build predictive audience identity - without the use of cookies or device IDs - that can be curated across premium inventory partners. Connecting the dots between consumer identity characteristics, consumed content, and the context of the media - all on an aggregated and anonymized basis without the use of PII or any deterministic identifiers - Audigent’s Cognitive Data drives rich predictive insights across likely interests, affinities, spending habits, life stages and in-market segmentation.  Whether modeling outcomes based on ensembled learning or using its AI/ML stack to identify deep, actionable insights, Audigent’s Cognitive Data is opening a new frontier in predictive audience analytics and actionability.    

"We see predictive data as one of the major tools for building effective campaigns that respect consumer-privacy and are future-proofed against the eventual depreciation of the third-party cookie,” said Eric Gomels, Group Director - LeDesk Programmatic at Wavemaker. “Audigent's CognitivePMPs create new and exciting ways to use Comscore's predictive data at scale. This is a smart, new build on the kind of tool that many brands are asking for, and an approach we look forward to testing."

Combining Comscore’s Predictive Audiences with Audigent’s CognitivePMPs™, advertisers will have the power to unlock unique audience targeting from the supply chain without relying on cookies, MAIDs, IP address or any other soon-to-be deprecated deterministic identifier. This new offering will greatly expand scale while championing a product focused on consumer data privacy. 

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