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Ever dreamed of flying in the high-tech data activated world of modern commerce?
Here’s the chance to earn your wings!

Audigent, a ground-breaking data upstart is launching a programming course led by one of its early developers, Brad Flaugher, now VP of Product and Strategy. 

This is 6-week course covers the full stack of technologies available to the modern programmer, with a specific focus on long-supported and much-loved open-source technologies like Python, Docker and Linux.


In this course, mentored by Brad Flaugher, Audigent’s VP of Product and Strategy you will learn how working with and understanding data can steadily nourish your career as a software developer. Learning programming in a “Data-Focused” way means that so long as there are customers and users generating data you will always be gainfully employed. What’s more, you’ll learn how ‘reading data’ can unlock the growth potential for businesses, regardless of size. The course will combine live online sessions with assignments and workshops to deliver hands-on experience with real data.

About Audigent:

Audigent is a Series B funded, pioneering, market-making ad-tech data platform that provides audience management, segmentation, and monetization tools to a network of publishers, advertising and brand partners. Our publisher products provide a scaled solution for partners that include Condé Nast, Warner Music Group, Fandom and Penske Media and many others to manage, analyze, and ultimately monetize their audiences. Our programmatic data activation tools, including SmartPMPs and ContextualPMPs, provide a scalable, futureproof (cookieless) solution for media buyers, delivering performance and value for the buyer with increased yield management for Audigent and our partners. This course will teach skills needed to utilize data and execute and optimize ad buying.


Every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-5:30pm EDT from Mar 30-Apr 1


Open until Mar 29th, 2022

Course Format:



FREE to All Selected Candidates

During the Course You Will:

  • Focus: Get introduced to important computer science topics in a data-focused way.
  • Back to Front: The basics of how to make Web APIs (back-ends) and websites (frontends).
  • Data Powered: Get a deep understanding of the data that powers them.
  • Skill-Building: Work on assignments that build your skill set using real-world data.

Traction: Learn the basics of creating world-class data applications and Machine Learning models that use any type of data (numeric, text, image).

Is the Bootcamp for You? What are the Prerequisites?

  • Fascination: Interest in Machine Learning and data
  • Language: Excellent english spoken and written level 
  • Math Chops: Good math skills (statistics and/or probability)

Some Programming Experience (any flavor): Experience with one programming language (is a plus, not a hard requirement)


Brad Flaugher an experienced developer and team leader, will be the course lead. Brad’s is happy to share his expertise, experience and personal history of working in fintech, adtech, logistics, deep learning, and IoT. The strong information technology professional, skilled in a wide variety of open-source and enterprise tech stacks and infrastructures.

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