How Curated PMPs Turbocharge Programmatic Media Buying

Open exchange inventory has provided terrific value for media buyers, but with the death of the cookie, MAIDs and IP address, targeting will suffer serious addressability challenges. 

For data-driven campaigns, PMPs directly curated with audience, contextual and cognitive (predictive audience) data are providing a cookieless, future-proof alternative that is driving exciting performance, massive scale and cost savings for media buyers and brands.



5 main ways advertisers can benefit from curation:

1: Value at Scale:

Curation drives cost-effective programmatic media buying by immediately making the buying process (digital supply chain) more efficient and giving advertisers more control. It both saves brands from costly, fixed CPM DMP segments and provides media buyers efficient access to curated inventory at massive scale across CTV, OLV (video), display, native, in-app and other media channels.

2: Optimizable in Real-Time:

Unlike a static DMP segment, data-enriched PMPs are dynamic and offer real-time performance feedback and log-level data, allowing buyers to more robustly optimize campaigns in real-time across key KPIs like CPA, CTR, viewability, VCR, CPC and more.

3: Future-Proof:

Curation delivers campaigns that will work into the cookieless future, providing results that deliver insights to help brands and agencies in future environments where cookies and other deterministic identifiers are unavailable. This cookieless way of targeting audiences at scale can pinpoint and reach consumers at key points in their buyer journey.

4: Easy to Use:

Leave behind complex campaign setup in favor of streamlined buying opportunities. With curated PMPs, your programmatic traders will find setup and trading a snap.

5: Consumer-Friendy:

Improve the consumer experience by putting privacy first with already opted-in first-party data (the bedrock of curation), and consumer-friendly permissioning at the point of impression.

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