SmartPMPs™ – How Data Is Reinventing Private Marketplace Deals

The excitement around clean, transparent first party data continues to dominate the programmatic advertising conversation. As next-gen DMPs begin deep integrations with SSP platforms (like Audigent and PubMatic), new tools and new, more intelligent inventory are starting to make waves with planners and buyers for a simple reason – performance.

Enter “Smart PMPs™” – a differentiated, audience data-driven PMP product that is driving value for programmatic media buyers and premium publishers.

At its core, the intelligent marriage of premium first party data sets and premium inventory pre-packaged together as a single, easy-to-buy deal ID intuitively feels like a great idea. That said, understanding why and how intelligent packaging of data + inventory can boost campaign performance (and make your life way easier!) is something worth a quick exploration.

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