Buy & Sell-Side Optimization Alignment Drives Superior Results

In order to bring unprecedented performance and value to the programmatic ecosystem, Audigent and MediaMath coordinated demand and supply-side technologies for the first time to provide advanced qualified bid targeting and supply requests.

MediaMath provided Audigent with a consistent performance data feed (Brain Sync) which Audigent utilized to refine audience and inventory requests being passed through the supply chain.

After implementing and applying MediaMath’s Brain Sync data to Audigent’s SmartPMPs at the beginning of Q3 2021, Audigent’s automated A.I.-driven curation engine drove:

  1. Improvement in campaign performance with increased conversion rate of 70%
    • 435% increase in conversion volume
  2. Improvement in campaign efficiency with CPA reduced by 25%

    • 274% increase in click volume
  3. 309% net budget increase, proving that optimized deals are both scaling effectively while being heavily favored as a result of increased performance.

  4. Audigent saw a 30% increase in overall CPM, driving more value and revenue for suppliers’ premium inventory.

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