Top 10 Forces Driving Retail Media Growth by the Numbers
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In this infographic we explore the top ten forces driving Retail Media growth.

Until recently, the most common form of retail media advertising was bottom-of-the-funnel sponsored search ads on ecommerce websites (also known as onsite activation). These activations limited reach for brands to only the consumers visiting the retailer's website. To truly scale and provide value for their brand partners, retailers have moved to activate their first-party data beyond their owned and operated (O&O) ad inventory (also known as offsite activation). This approach extends reach to channels like connected TV (CTV), programmatic video and display, social, email and direct mail by leveraging their in-store shopper and/or ecommerce transactional point-of-purchase data.

Because most retailers do not have expertise to build out scaled media businesses and platforms, they require ways to not only enrich their first-party consumer insights, but also platforms and data connections that allow them to action those data sets against the broader universe of premium, curated inventory to reach more consumers outside of their O&O websites, mobile apps and ecommerce stores.

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