Privacy Center

Thank you for visiting our privacy center. We take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the data in our care, and have designed this page to help you understand our data processing activities, allow you to make choices about how we may process your data, and share with you some of our core privacy principles and policies.

Our Privacy Principles

Audigent is committed to fostering a safe, ethical, and efficient online advertising experience for consumers, publishers, and advertisers alike. In doing so, we offer our services in accordance with the following consumer privacy principles:


We strive to demystify online advertising by being clear about what we do with the data in our care.


We strive to give you control over how we may use and share your data, and to honor your choices once they’ve been made and communicated to us.


We strive to receive, maintain, use, and transfer data in a secure and responsible manner.

How Audigent Works

We provide the data that allows advertisers and brands to market to specific audiences when running programmatic ad campaigns.  We help those advertisers make their ads as relevant as possible to the consumers receiving them. In doing so, we:

  • Help publishers leverage their platforms to keep the Internet low-cost, accessible, and independent;

  • Help brands grow and compete to foster a healthy economy; and

  • Help consumers enjoy a positive online experience by providing safe and relevant ads.

How This Page Works

We and our partners may collect certain data about you as you browse websites, use apps, otherwise interact online, or engage directly with Audigent. This page is designed to help you locate additional information about our data processing activities. On this page, you can:

  • Find more information about how we may process your data in the privacy policies linked below.

  • Request to exercise data rights you may have using the “Your Data Subject Rights” link below; and

  • Contact us with questions or concerns by clicking on the “Contact Our Privacy Team” link below.